Red X and Other Issues

I have emailed this problem to Mike and perhaps others have had a similar experience and can weigh in.

All is well with version 6.1.28 on my wife’s XP Professional SP3 computer. Just perfect.

On my XP Professional SP3 computer this is not the case. This program worked fine on this computer unitl I reformatted and reinsalled Win XP Professional SP3.

  1. The selected station does not stay chosen. The location on the main screen that shows the selected location just says [STATION UNFORMATTED] instead of the location I selected.

  2. No map displays (just the dreaded red X). I suppose this is related to the fact that a location is not shown (see number 1 above).

  3. The mouse pointer does a lot of rapid flickering. Proably due to searching or doing something awaiting a location to be displayed.

  4. Weather data appears to be displayed.

I am using net framework 3.5

Can anyone help me?

I am really eager to get things working correctly again, as I really enjoy WWL.


Instead of the location being displayed, it says [STATION FORMATTED]. I mistyped in my original message.

There must be some file or driver missing that is needed. Heaven only knows what it is, though.

I have a screenshot, but I guess the forum won’t let me include it with my message.