Rain and must close

Rain info still doesn’t work, in fact I have never been able to get rain info in the tray tooltip going back many versions.

Still having issues with WeatherWatcher must close now, just happen again a few minutes ago. This has been on going for a year or more. It happens on more then one PC.

I replied to your comment in this post, but never heard back from you. Which weather station are you using?

Are you able to reproduce this issue? Please post a screenshot when it happens again.

I recently updated to v7.0.36 and the rain measurements are now working on this computer, have to check the others to see if it is working on them.

WEATHER WATCHER MUST CLOSE, seeing it less often, but it did do it again several minutes ago. I was trying to get CUSTOM TRAY TOOLTIP WINDOW LOCATION to work. I’ll create a new topic for this issue.

Thanks and make it a great day.