Question re adding WU stations I used in earlier version

My WW 7.0.92 is currently set to the nearest weather station, Silver City MI, for our location, Ontonagon MI.

WU no longer lists NOS_NWLON Ontonagon MI nor HADS Ontonagon MI; a few months back both of these stations were listed by WU. I know the stations are active as my wife - who has never changed her WW default station still receives weather updates from both of these. On my PC (Win 7 Pro) when I try to add stations for zip code area 49953 see the Silver City station as the closest, and neither of the above mentioned stations seem available.

Any tricks/ideas how to force WW 7.0.92 to see either of the above two stations?

I only see the Silver City weather station when searching at too. You could copy those weather stations from your wife’s weather station list. Just open the file below in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and copy the two lines for those weather stations to your file.

C:\Users[Your Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcherLive\CityCode.cmb

Thanks, Mike. Worked exactly as you suggested. Wonder why WU no longer lists those two stations? I guess that’s why they no longer show up in the “Add station” zip code search?

I’m not sure. If you send those two lines to me at, I’ll check with my contact at Weather Underground.