Proxy settings

Dear Mike,
I downloaded and installed your WeatherWatcher v4.5b. It is very useful. Only that I usually connect to the Internet via the corporate LAN through a proxy, so I cannot update the weather. I have the chance to update only when I connect to the Internet directly via a dialup connection - no proxy server.

The target group of your application would be extended to users operating behind a proxy server, if only you include in the Options the necessary proxy server settings (for example, name/IP and port) and make that work.

Best regards,

Ioanis Gaviotis, Neorion Shipyards, Syros, Greece

I don’t have access to an authenticated proxy serve, so I really don’t have a way to test anything like that. I have never a way to do that in Visual Basic either.

Please contact me at if you know of any way to bypass a proxy server in Visual Basic.