Proxy server

I have weather watcher and weather watcher live setup on my pc at work which is connected to the internet via proxy.

Weather Watcher works fine with the server after i put in username and password, but

Live wont, has anyone got any ideas on how i can get around this please?

cripster, I have a few questions for you:

1) What happens when you attempt to update the weather in Weather Watcher Live?

2) Did you check that all security-related software is not blocking Weather Watcher Live from connecting to the Internet?

Hi Mike

I’ll have to wait til i go back to work in the new year now, which will be on the 2nd Feb 2009

I’ll check it all then


Sorry for my english. :neutral:
I have the same problem like cripster.

Weather Watcher works but Weather Watcher Live doesn’t work.
I don’t have any firewall on my PC

When I try to add Station i have the message " Server not found".


nosek, Weather Watcher and Weather Watcher Live use the same code to download data from the Internet, so the issue is most likely not code-related. You should be able to track down the cause of the blockage by temporarily shutting down all of your security-related software products one-by-one and disabling UAC (if you’re using Windows Vista).