Problems with WWL V7.0.17

This is on Windows 7 x64 Professional with WWL V7.0.17

I did a fresh install of WWL V7.0.17 and now the maps are showing on all my stations and the WU stations are showing data. However, 2 problems have occurred thus far.

  1. A script error occurs sometimes when clicking on the temperature icon in the Notification Tray. This does not occur every time.

  2. On Weather Underground stations, the Daily info is missing the first day info. In the picture attached, Tue for the day is missing.

Update: 2 hours later at 4:05 a.m., the Daily info is now showing Tue for the day. :lol: This glitch must be related to the early morning hours of the new day.

I just released version 7.0.18. Please let me know if this resolves the above issues.

V7.0.18 appears to be working just fine…thanks ! :icon_smile:

Loaded the new .18 version here is what I have now using weather underground information. The daily stops showing info for the thurs, fri, sat and sun yet the hourly shows information?

azpilot, that is being caused by an issue in Weather Underground’s data feed. I emailed my contact at Weather Underground. The issue should resolve itself in Weather Watcher Live once they fix their data feed.

Okie Dokie will keep an eye on it, thanks for the update.

Any idea when WU will get this issue resolved (per your WU contact)? It is still occurring on 05-Aug with WWL V7.0.19.

siliconman01, no. I will follow up today.

Mike, where you able to find anything out on the Weather Underground stream and when they might have the issue resolved… its nice to have two choices, but not so good when one of them is just not accurate enough to even use.


The WU Daily info is now displaying properly. Thanks much :cool:

Yep it is good news…