Problems installing and getting '365' error

[?]</font id=“blue”>I use Windows XP SP2, Mozilla/Firefox browser & installed WW version 5.6 beta 11. When I open the program I have all N/A on everything including the taskbar icon.

I did the following 2x:

  1. uninstall everything for WW
  2. did a fresh download of the full install of the WW release
  3. rebooted
  4. reinstall WW

The zip code I used is, 24282 (as with other versions and installations that worked)
And the problem is the same after restarting WW. I even tried resetting all options.
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[:0] Well, it seems when I tried to reset the cities, that didn’t seem to work. So I let WW close itself, which it did instead of updating; then I checked the windows updates by opening IE (only thing that allows me to see the update page ([V]). I said “no” when IE wanted to be the default browser. I closed IE and happened to look at the taskbar… Lo and behold! WW updated, with my city, and all maps, etc. working! Now, though I use Mozilla, I still see my weather!

I wish to thank Ed for the help! </font id=“green”>[:X]




Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>