Problem with Barometric Pressure on V5.4b

First let me say that you have done a beautiful job with this software and I am very grateful to you for sharing it with us. I installed it about a week ago and it’s been working nicely, except for one little problem. At the time of installation, the barometric pressure displayed 736.6 mm / 29.0 inches. This reading has not changed since the day I installed it. All other readings have correctly updated, and the BP from has changed, but Weather Watcher does not reflect those changes. I am running Windows XP Home Edition on an Athlon processor. Browser is Netscape 7.1, although I don’t think that has any effect.

Any ideas / solutions?



I seem to have the same problem. I did not notice it until a friend of mine who is a fisherman downloaded the program and pointed out to me that the barometric reading is definitely off. What do I know about such things [?]

This isn’t a bug in Weather Watcher – It’s the data coming from When this happens, some cities outside of the U.S. display a “Server Not Found” error when attempting to retrieve the weather. It’s a case of bad weather data.


I think the bad data also comes from cities within the US. I hail from the Boston area, getting the data from Logan Airport, and last time I checked, that was still part of the USA. The website seems to show the BP correctly. I’m ignorant as to how you parse the data from their site, so I can only guess the data they display and the data you are grabbing are from two different sources.

I guess nothing’s perfect.


Finally today, I get a barometeric reading other than 29.00!
At this point it reads 30.00 and steady.

At it reads 30.01 and steady.

Hopefully I am not talking to myself :slight_smile:

I have no idea how a program like this works, but is there a chance that although the program indicates a barometric reading of two decimals, the program is not set to show those two places? That would be why I am seeing only whole numbers for the barometric reading.

I have no idea why, but today the barometric reading seems to be working perfectly! How about at your end, tmdev?

Again, this is a case of bad weather data from I know the readings do not match what is at… the data isn’t coming from there though.