Problem when there’s not data available when updating foreca

Hello, first congratulation for this useful program.

The problem is when there’s no data available when updating the forecast, instead of showing “n/a” like the previous version, it shows forecast from other weather station that I did not set.

Also the map showing in the main window does not show my country. I live in Santiago, Dominican Rep. at the Caribbean and the map showing is only the continental Central America.

Thank you for your time.


This will happen if your selected weather station is down. Once it’s available again, Weather Watcher Live will automatically switch back to your selected weather station.

There is no way to prevent this behavior because the WeatherBug data feed automatically returns the data for the alternate weather station. I guess I could set all data fields to “N/A”, but some weather data is better than none at all.

This switching behavior is more useful for weather stations in the US because they tend to be closer to one another. There aren’t as many weather stations available outside of the US right now, so the next closest weather station could in fact be in a different country.

WeatherBug is working to add personal weather stations to their data feed. Once that’s available, I’ll be able to add those personal weather stations to the pool of weather stations that are available when searching for weather stations in Weather Watcher Live. I’m not sure how many personal weather stations they have outside of the US, so it’s hard to say if you’d benefit from that feature.

You’ll notice the same thing if you view your weather directly at I know this is on their to-do list to fix. However, I have no idea when it’ll be resolved.

Thankyou very much.