problem getting weather

I’m having a problem getting weather updated this morning. If i try to update or change cities, the little window pops up that says ‘downloading weather info’ but nothing happens. Weather doesn’t update or the city doesn’t change. In task manager it shows two dl processes for a few seconds, along with ww.exe. Any idea what is the problem?

By the way I have checked my firewall settings, re-installed Weather Watcher and I can access to get the forecasts.

Anyone else with this problem?

Everything is working fine for me so far today.

It’s possible a recent av or malware scan did something that is causing the problem. Don’t know what else to suggest.

As an update - I do get the ‘Server not found’ notice when the update fails.

Check out the following thread: … .php?t=662

This is getting frustrating!

I did uninstall WW, delete the entire folder, then reinstall. I was able to update one time. Since then, everytime I try to update or switch cities I get the “server not found”. I also get this if I try to add a city.

What happens if you delete the Weather Watcher registry key?

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher

Are you able to update once more at that point?

Note: Doing this will reset your Weather Watcher Options.

Nope, that didn’t do it.

I think next I will do a total uninstall(before I kept my map history,cities history etc.), check the registry for any WW listings,restart my computer and reinstall again.

Before this happened i had a BSOD which of course is rare with XP,so perhaps that is the cause.

Anyway, I will let you know what happens but it may take a day or two.

How about doing a System Restore to a point prior to your BSOD?

It’s unlikely that whatever caused the BSOD is only impacting WW.

Yes, Ed I did that - still have the problem. I think the BSOD was because of excess heat issues, which I think are solved. Everything else seems to be working ok.

Well I cleaned out the registry, rebooted, reinstalled, have same problem.
Installed on different drive, same problem.

I don’t think it’s a WW problem.

Do you have any other apps that access the web? AV, malware, WU. Are they working ok?

Do you have a firewall or malware app that controls access to the 'net?

Ed, everything else seems to be working fine. I do have a firewall and an AV that seem to be working properly.

I installed Weather Pulse to see if it would work. It does update weather properly, but something strange happens. It automatically downloads a satellite photo showing weather conditions. I saw it the first time I ran the program, but every other time it shows a download error and doesn’t display the photo. It does show the foresasts however.
Does this give you a clue?

Does the firewall allow ww.exe and dl.exe to access the 'net?

Yes, it does, both ingoing and outgoing.

Try shuting down WW, deleting both WW entries from the firewall then restarting WW. Respond to each fw prompt to Allow and to Remember. Maybe there is somethng in the fw that needs to be reset.

A WAG but all I can think of. :icon_smile:

Yay! Weather watcher works now! I was away on vacation for a few days and when I returned it still didn’t work. But today after installing all the new Windows updates it started working again. As I said I was using Weather Pulse which is a pretty good program, but not as good as Weather Watcher.

Yea!! :thumbright: Love happy endings. :icon_smile: