Printing hourly forecasts

WeatherWatcher 5.6.21

Doubleclick tray icon. Pick hourly. See a scrolling box with the hourly forecast. Want to print to give to my wife to take with her to take on her brief trip.

Right-click. Pick Print. Will print only a view of the first part of the scrolling window.

Scroll down until the second half of the data. Right-click and pick Print again. Still only prints the first part of the scrolling window.

Get it printed, finally, by doing a screen capture with SnagIt (highly recommended, BTW; shareware screen capture that is light-years ahead of the competition; many features, very easy to use.)

Not a big deal, but being able to print all of the contents of a scrolling box would be great.

Take care.

That does not seem to be a problem with 5.6.22, at least not according to the Print Preview window.

Stll happens to me with 5.6.22, either in preview or in actual print.

For me with the default Splendid forecast skin the Hourly Print Preview shows 2 pages of which the 2nd page is blank. With the Splendid Mini forecast skin the Print Preview shows 4 pages with the 4th page showing 4 hours for Thursday. The Print Preview for the Stone Soup forecast skin’s Hourly forecast is the same as the Splendid’s.

The Print Preview and Print functions are IE functions but the quantity of data displayed is a function of the skins. You should look at the Page Setup options when you do a Print Preview. It may help. My Top and Bottom margins are .5 inch and .4 for the top may eliminate the blank page 2 for me.