Pressure values

Hi, I have noticed the bar graph on Splendid 3 do not appear to go up and down as the pressure changes, unlike the other graphs. The graphs appear static even as the pressure changes. Cheers.

Based on today’s history for that weather station, the bar graph is representing accurate values.

Thanks Mike, what I meant was the bars dont seem to move…The min-now-max bars always stay level even if the pressure differences change.

Please post a screenshot showing that if it happens again.

Ok will do Mike, will wait until this front passes over and the HPa goes back up! We are not far off Spring here! :icon_smile:

Would not the movement of 986 to 1000 cause the now-max graph bars to move?

Ah, I see what you’re saying now. The bars are the same heights. I’ll have to dig into the code and see what’s going on.

Hmm, minimum now seems to be working but now-max stay the same! Lol!

Hi Mike,

Have you found a solution to this issue yet? All values on the graph are sttill showing the same bar level.

No. I look into this week and get back to you.

Mike, I’ve been following this thread. In the US our pressure is measured in inches. On the whole there is very minimal change throughout any given day. Usually only a hundredth of an inch and maybe a tenth tops. Thus the bar graphs are pretty close in height and it is hard to notice any change. A few days ago I saw a change of 2 tenths and there was a change was indicated in the bar graph. I’d say mine is working properly and I also use Splendid 3. It seems to be working fine for me and very minimal changes are very hard to graph.

Thanks Chunker, I note your post, however I wonder if the graph is configured to non metric values. As while inches + or - can be minute hPa values are a little different. Cheers.

Chunker, that bar graph is rendered using inches (no matter which units you’re using). That’s why the bars are normally the same size. You’re right – it’s working as designed. It would be nice to make the difference more apparent though – as Brykari is suggesting.


Using Brykari’s graph I’m not sure the WWL graph can show such a small change.

998 - 985 = 13 / 1000 = 1.3% change.