Picking the weather station

I really like the WWL setup…and haven’t had any problem…but one thing is getting annoying…

The weather station in my home town of Ipswich, MA is running from the local high school… I used to have a choice between the high school and (I think it was) the fire station, which is actually downtown and much more accurate…there’s a difference of 4 degrees right now. It’s also raining everywhere…the Red Sox game may be called tonight…and the icon in my tray shows partial sun/partial clouds.

In summary, can I get the old choices again?? I can live with it this way, but I keep going back to Yahoo to get the TRUE current weather.

When you refer to the “old choices”, are you talking about the cities that are available in Weather Watcher? If so, it’s not possible to access those locations from Weather Watcher Live because Weather Watcher Live is using a different weather data source.

Thanx for responding so quickly!

If my memory serves me correctly, typing in 01938 (my zip code) offered both sites to select the one I would prefer for Ipswich…I don’t have any such choice now.

I only see the weather station at the high school. Are you sure the fire station has a WeatherBug weather station setup? Perhaps it’s down for some reason?

Were they ALL Weatherbug Stations before WWLive?? I don’t think it was WeatherBug!!

That’s where I was heading in my first reply:

I don’t know where Weather.com gets their data from, but I’m pretty sure there do not get it from fire stations. In my area, it seems the weather comes from airports. Weather Watcher does not use WeatherBug weather stations.