Permission Denied

For some reason lately I have been getting a messege stating that my permission is denied for download when WW is set to update to current temperature. Why would this be and how do I fix it?

lckraut, please post a screenshot or the actual error message.

Screen Shot???

How do I get a screen shot? I will then post it for you but before that I am somewhat of a novice on that.

How to take a screenshot:

You’ll need to upload your screenshot somewhere and then link it to your post. There are many places to upload images for free (try Once uploaded, copy the link into your post, highlight the entire link, and then press the Img button.

There seems to be a bug in that URL. Everytime I tried it I got taken to some website. This posting describes the steps and stays here: … 5&start=10

Nope… it’s correct. I was trying not to reinvent the wheel :wink:

Why not just post the actual URL?

If you can commit that URL to memory, then you’re a better man than me :icon_smile:

If only there was a way to save a favorite URL. To somehow bookmark the webpage so you can find it again. Maybe someday technology will catch up to man’s needs.



EdP, you would probably be surprised if you knew how many times I had to recall that link while responding to e-mails on my Pocket PC. Favorites aren’t really one of Windows Mobile’s strong points. It’s much easier to recall the word “screenshot” :cool: