other stations and some small issues

can be added other stations or this depend on weatherbug?

my location is Timisoara, Romania and the station is in a village Giarmata some Km far from the city.

on this station the slider shows only days and moons, i want a station that shows night an hours too, can be added or this depend on weatherbug?

also the mini map is show in W Europe and Romania is on E

when i set the station to Los Angles, CA for exemple it shows days and night so the slider is larger and i can slide but there is a delay with the slider is not working correctly. (can be affected by Kaspersky Internet security interactive mode? WWL is in the trusted list)

system: AMD Athlon 2000+ (1.67GHz), 1GB RAM, Win XP sp3

also when i double click on tray icon to open WWL (6.0.11) i get some apparence wrong (look in the screenshot) and i must update to make it normal (update is set to realtime)


Weather Watcher Live is only able to access the data that is provided by WeatherBug.com. I know their international weather data comes from a third party, so I doubt they have any control over adding new weather stations.

The Weather Watcher Live interface uses JavaScript to build the areas that are not displaying properly in your screenshot. Do you have JavaScript enabled in Internet Explorer?

yes JavaScript is enabled in IE (IE 6 with all updates from microsoft)

Did you try to reinstall Weather Watcher Live? If not, give that a try.

i have reinstalled it now, however that is not a big problem because i have received that issue only 4-5 times.