Options window centers itself on screen after Apply (5.6.25)

Right-click tray icon and select Options command.
Options window appears centered on screen.
Move window to lower-right corner.
Select Tray Icon–oops, Tray Tooltip tab.
Click Daylight Remaining option (which still doesn’t work for me).
Options window centers itself on screen and doesn’t toggle option.

Also, the tray icon tooltip is now centered on the screen instead of displaying above tray icon.

That’s wierd…
First of all, Daylight Remaining option is located in Tray Tooltip tub, not Tray Icon tab :???:
Also it works perfectly fine for me, I see it in on the tooltip when the option is checked and can toggle it without any problems descriped in your post.


Sorry, I meant the Tray Tooltip tab.

I’m happy that the Daylight Remaining feature works for you. It (still) doesn’t for me. But that wasn’t my point–that’s all discussed in a separate topic (where I’ve posted a screenshot if you need proof).

This topic is about the Options window jumping to the center of the screen when I try to click on an option. Did you try to reproduce that issue?

I tried, no jumping… :scratch:

Did you first move the Options dialog so it isn’t in the center?

Maybe this makes a difference, maybe not:
Windows Server 2003 R2 x64

I have experienced the Tooltip and Option windows opening centered on the screen. It happens when I have both the hd and USB (-id) versions of WW running both of which have the tooltip set to display near the bottom of the screen. If I shutdown the portable (-id) version and recycle the hd version the Tooltip opens normally again.

Windows XP Home SP2.

I followed your instructions precisely, no jumping… :neutral: