Opentopia Sunlight Map

When I upgraded to 7.0.36, I lost my Opentopia Sunlight Map. I have tried to tick it off again, but it seems to have evaporated. Will it return?

Please try upgrading to the latest version i[/i]:

Click the “MAPS” button on the main Weather Watcher Live window and select “World” to find that map. If it’s not there, then reinstall Weather Watcher Live and choose Replace my maps with new maps when prompted on the first run.

I have now upgraded to the latest version and replaced the maps. Still missing.

So I uninstalled and re-installed. Same result.

This is on both XP and Windows 7.

What now?

I believe the problem is that the links are still broken for the maps in your personal map list – which are the maps you see when you click the “MAPS” button on the main Weather Watcher Live window. Here’s how you can manually fix the problem:

1) Click the “MAPS” button and select Add More Maps… to open the Map Manager.

2) Select World from the category dropdown box.

3) You should see four Opentopia maps. Two of the maps are old, and the other two are the maps I added. Click on each map to see a preview. For the two maps that don’t display, click the Remove button to remove them.

4) Enable the checkboxes for the two Opentopia maps that are left.

5) Click the OK button to save your changes and close the Map Manager window.

The following Weather Watcher Live build will fix these links on install: