online detection?

HI, I just found this product - WOW!
I do not stay online all the time - but usually check my mail (and now the weather) everyday.
So when I boot my machine and this weather program starts up - it checks to see if its online, and sees that it is not.
Then when I DO go online, I right click on the bar icon and click update weather… nothing happens.
The only way I can get it to check for online status is to open the program and ask for a different weather view and then click on the disk icon… a bit tedius but worth the trouble anyway…

? can you fix that?
This is a Nice program - nice size, nice fuctionality… I’m so excited to find it!
Thank you


I also start up Weather Watcher when I am offline – I have a dial-up connection [:(]

In the Auto Update section of the Options, do you have the “Only download updates when connected to the Internet” Option checked?

GENERAL - start minimized, Load when windows starts, retrieve forcasts when windows starts, check for new version on startup
AUTO UPDATE - every 15 minutes - only when connected
ON DOWNLOAD - everything is checked


This should be fixed in the current version, v5.0.20c.