Old Beta Version

Sometime back there was a beta version that allowed the tray icon to display the temp in different colors above and below freezing; and yes I know this feature will be coming back sometime. This feature allowed a larger font as the negitive sign weas no longer nessesary (a bigger issue for those who are using centigrade as the measurement scale and who are old and need a larger font).

Not to take away from any of the MANY improvements since that beta has been removed this is the one feature that I would be willing to trade for all of them. Does anyone have a copy of that version that could be posted somewhere?

Many thanks


Only if you can state specifically which beta you’re looking for. [:)]

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Well then I’m cooked. Many thanks anyway.

Do you remember when you had this feature? Approximately?

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It was a 5.6 beta from early 2005.

Thanks again.


b4 - 3/8
b5 - 3/10
b6 - 3/16
b7 - 3/18
b8 - 5/2
b9 - 7/13

b4-b7 are updates. I assume to 5.5 since I don’t have a full beta before b8. Do you have 5.5?

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All I can say is that I know the feature was missing in beta 8. I would appreciate if you could send b4 (I’ll assume that’s the one) to vqnlmkprmgxodvi@jetable.net .

Many thanks (again).


Its in the mail. [:)]

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I don’t know if you want to try this, I haven’t tested it, but apparently this feature is still working for Fl?gger. You might want to look at the latest post in this forum.


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Success, the registry modification did it!!!

Many thanks


[:0] So, the code is still in WW.exe to support this! Interesting.

Now we need to determine what the various color values are. [}:)]

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For the non-faint of heart (using Win2000 and WinXP), all credit to Fl?gger!!!

Save the text below the line (===) to a file named “WW tray color.reg” without the quotes.

Double clicking the file will enter the values into the registry. This made the updating the rest of my computers a lot simpler that going into the registry each time.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher\TrayIcon]

Ok, it’s been a while, but i looked back, and guessed a little on the color code - it’s probably the VB code (or something similar) which is the RGB code in hex encoding (like web colors), but with the pairs in backwards order, and then converted to a single decimal number (you can do this with the windows calc, set to scientific mode).

You want the color yellow:
The hex RGB (web) value would be FFFF00.
Then the pairs are reversed: FF FF 00 => 00 FF FF
Then converted to decimal: 00FFFF => 65535
Put this value in the registry and you should get a bright fresh yellow.

Or maybe you’d like an aqua-ish color:
The hex RGB (web) value would be 98F5FF.
Then the pairs are reversed: 98 F5 FF => FF F5 98
Then converted to decimal: FFF598 => 16774552
Put this value in the registry and you should end up with a nice and cool aqua (or what you’d call it).

Hope this clarifies a bit :cool:

After a little trial & error with the colors, I found that “16711680” turns out to be a deep blue (for freezing temps).


Hehehe, well, I guess I forgot to say that no trial and erroring was actually needed :cool: you could just go to the WW options and set ie. the background color for the tray icon to the color you’d like, and then go to the registry key mentioned above and you’ll find the right value in the “BackColor” key.
This seems to me like the easiest way :mrgreen:

Fl?gger, I think you did mention it elsewhere – and that’s really what I did. The only real “trial & error” came in experimenting with the amount of blue needed to be distinguishable from black on my (relatively low-quality) monitor. [:)]

I just figured since I did the work I’d pass along the resulting number, since that’s one that hasn’t been posted before. It’s the RGB equivalent of 0000FF. (Kinda like saying “oof” when you trip over something – heh!)


p.s. – wow, I just noticed we’re tied in number of posts. [:o)]

Hehe, yeah, we WERE tied, but doesn’t really matter - what matters is what you say, and not how much - but guess we’re tied there aswell…

But, to get to the point, I thought it might be najs with some basic standard values, so you don’t have to poke too much around…:

[code]Clear red: h(FF0000) - RGB(255, 0, 0) - 255
Clear yellow: h(FFFF00) - RGB(255, 255, 0) - 65535
Clear green: h(00FF00) - RGB( 0, 255, 0) - 65280
Clear aqua: h(00FFFF) - RGB( 0, 255, 255) - 16776960
Clear blue: h(0000FF) - RGB( 0, 0, 255) - 16711680
Pink/purple: h(FF00FF) - RGB(255, 0, 255) - 16711935

Black: h(000000) - RGB( 0, 0, 0) - 0
Darker gray: h(333333) - RGB( 51, 51, 51) - 3355443
Dark gray: h(666666) - RGB(102, 102, 102) - 6710886
Neutral gray: h(7F7F7F) - RGB(127, 127, 127) - 8355711
Dark gray: h(999999) - RGB(153, 153, 153) - 10066329
Ligher gray: h(CCCCCC) - RGB(204, 204, 204) - 13421772
White: h(FFFFFF) - RGB(255, 255, 255) - 16777215[/code]
Hope this is of some help to somebody, and that my post wasn’t just a post for the posts sake :razz: