NY Times icons

NY Times icons 19-22 are inconsistent with the Classic ones for the same numbers. “Dust” “Fog” “Haze” “Smoke”

Also the label for the Tray Icon on the 5.6.18 Options’ Skins tab is indented more than the others.

Are you suggesting that makes this a Weather Watcher bug? Are you sure those icons aren’t supposed to look like that?

:???: Got a screenshot?

I’m suggesting that whoever is distributing them could do better. This look like your NYTimes 20.gif?
Update The above nytimes.com icon doesn’t match any of your NY Times icons. Where did you get yours from?

I suggest you install WW so you can see the bugs we report.


Thanks for the screenshot :icon_smile:

The icons that come with Weather Watcher are ancient. I just noticed weather.com updated their icons too.

This nytimes 20.gif looks promising: http://graphics.nytimes.com/partners/weather/images/20.gif Check out the the 19, 21 & 22 gifs there also.

Or you can see a whole set of them here: http://www.jdawiseman.com/papers/trivia … icons.html

Update Does that icon look like “Fog” to you? It beats your ny times 20.gif http://graphics.nytimes.com/partners/weather/images/26.gif but neither look like Fog. What the hell??

I tried the second set of NY Times icons, but I don’t think they look better than the set that currently comes packed with Weather Watcher. Neither fog icon looks good :neutral: