Numerous "Get File" processes trying to run

The Task Manager indicates that numerous “get File” commands are trying to run. When I try to kill the processes, the system “Pops Up” a warning “Cannot delete”, “File is locked by the system”. This usually happens after the computer has been in screen saver mode over night.
This computer is running Windows XP Media Edition with all the updates
and Weather Watcher Live 6.0.11. Any thoughts about how to correct this problem other than a reboot. Thanks…RLC

The Weather Watcher Live build below contains some changes to the processes that download the weather data. Please give this new build a try and let me know if it resolves that issue.

The new edition seems to have solved the problem. Many thanks!

Woops! I checked today and had 4 “Get file.exe” processes trying to run,
so there is still a problem. Still locked and can’t end with “Task Manager”.
The only current solution is a restart? Suggestions are appreciated.

Is it your firewall denying access because of multiple files, or perhaps you have a setting disallowing network activity when the screen saver is running?