Not the authentic data

I very much liked the program Weather Watcher, but why does not show the authentic data in section Hourly, Daily and Detalied Forecast for cities Surgut, Russia, but Current Conditions shows precisely

from Surgut, Russia

TCM, are you running a firewall? If so is it blocking DL.exe from accessing the 'net? Weather Watcher uses DL.exe to access the data.

Which version of Weather Watcher are you running 5.5 or 5.6?

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EdP, The version 5.5c
Firewall that is not running, only standard that in windows, but it hardly blocks, nevertheless I think what because there are no data on server, but how it is possible to adjust? Can there is another server?
By the way in sections the information is, but only precisely not for my city.

from Surgut, Russia

hmmmm you have the same weather I’m having, rain.

Can you see your weather using these links? … ch_current … f=5&dayd=5

This you? … 3a%26a2%3a

Though this might be a better map.

http://tickets-to-russia.secret-niche.c … russia.jpg

BTW Do you know Tatyana Kononova?

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Today already is cloudy :slight_smile:
Both references show the correct data and in the program too correct, but the forecast hourly and on days not exact, is exacter absolutely not for my district, shows +38?C
P.S. Where all map of Russia there at the centre my city
P.S.S I don’t know Tatyana Kononova

from Surgut, Russia

I’m out of ideas. I think you will have to wait for Mike to get an answer.

What OS are you running? XP? 98? ?

While you have rain the same as we do, according to this page it looks to be very warm where you are. Our forecast is for a high of 8C.

BTW Tatyana Kononova -> [:)]

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The hourly/daily/detailed forecasts are just that… forecasts. The data is never going to be precise. There could be a problem with the station that is reporting that data too.

The forecasts very strongly miss my climate, there are suspicions that it because in wrong page which not for my city, as can be what this page for my city does not exist?
hehe she too from Surgut
Mike Singer I understand that all this only forecasts, but the page in these sections completely not for my city possible, it is possible if will adjust correctly server to show correctly, can what that can be adjusted?

from Surgut, Russia

TCM, do the forecast numbers shown on Weather Watcher (WW) match those shown on ? If so the problem is not with Weather Watcher but rather with the data is sending out.

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I just added RSXX12222 to my Weather Watcher (WW) and compared the WW forecast for Surgut to the forecast shown on the MyWay link above and while they do not match 100% they are not that different and it may be due to my time zone being different than yours.

Wed: 35 - 26
Thu: 34 - 27
Fri: 32 - 24
Sat: 34 - 24
Sun: 30 - 25

Wed: 34 - 29
Thu: 33 - 27
Fri: 33 - 27
Sat: 34 - 25
Sun: 35 - 25

The forecasts for Tue however are different.

Tue: 37 - 1

Tue: 35 - 31

Anyone got a contact at to ask about this?

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EdP Yes the data basically coincide, but I do not understand why they so different at us now 2?C, and in the forecast 25-30?C! It is not possible, it to explain it? And the rain with a lightning is specified in the forecast, at us at this time about it and the speech can not be :slight_smile: it is necessary to find exacter given, most likely at them not the exact data.

from Surgut, Russia

TCM, you’re going to have to contact They are the source of the weather data. I don’t know how responsive they will be, but you could at least let them know there is a problem.

TCM try writing to using this link: … rom=footer

I would not mention Weather Watch as the problem since it is a very small part of their data viewing and they will most likely say the problem is with Weather Watcher not them. Use the data displayed on the and their base sites as being what is wrong or incorrect. (rather than ‘not authentic’. [:)])


Good luck. If they resolve the problem let us know.

BTW The weather for[/url] and [url=] seems to be more in line with what you are saying. I don’t know how close they are to you but it’s a start. [:)]

PS So too[/url] and [url=] .

PS 2 While this site isn’t related to it does show where may be getting it’s data, ie from the airports in Russia. Until gets their Surgut problem fixed you might try using a different nearby airport location with Weather Watcher. … .cfm?CC=ru

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Mike Singer Thank you very much
I shall write to them the mail, the answer I shall lay out here
Thank for the given help in search links:)

from Surgut, Russia