Not Receiving Weather Watcher Alerts for Coventry, RI


I am having a problem getting Alerts for Coventry, RI, Providence, RI, Boston, MA. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted. I have deleted the folders each time from program files. I have edited the registry to ensure it is clean.

Please note that I can get the alerts for Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, but that doesn’ do me any good, since I live in Coventry, RI.

I’m using version 5.6.24a, got it from this AM.

Please help.

Thanks, Ken

Weather Watcher gets the alerts from[/url]. If you check your weather at [url=], are they displaying an alert for the city you have setup in Weather Watcher?

It looks like an error in’s weather data feed. They are not showing an alert in their weather application either.

Hi Mike,

I’m not sure if you did anything, but I am now receiving weather alerts for Coventry, RI and I did not do anything to update the software.

thank you,


That’s because the problem wasn’t a Weather Watcher software problem but rather a problem and there were probably a lot of people who complained to them about it. :icon_smile:

WW gets it’s forecast data from so if has a problem WW looks bad, but is not the cause of the problem.