Norton internet security 2010

NIS Deletes this file 6.1.26

Yes – it’s a false-positive. I contacted Symantec and am hoping they resolve the issue soon.

Below is a link to Symantec for submitting false positives.

Spiddy, if you submit the false positive too, it may “urge” Symantec to get it fixed faster. :slight_smile:

SONAR deleted the file when I ran it, but I just opened NIS up and set the options in SONAR to ignore the file and everything went fine then. That is totally different than a false positive.

I received the following email from Symantec today:

The Symantec Insight Dispute team has reviewed your recent submission to the Insight Dispute Submission form Webpage form “Weather Watcher Live.” In light of further investigation and analysis Symantec is happy to remove this detection from within its products. Please ensure that your machine reflects the change by running LiveUpdate.