No Weather Maps

I am unable to view any weather maps. No matter what I choose to view (radar or satelite) I get a box and hourglass cusor shows for a few seconds. When the hourglass cusor goes away just a blank box with a smaller box in the upper left corner with a “R” in it. I figured the “R” was refresh and when I click it the hourglass cusor comes back for several seconds then nothing,just white box. I’m running Intel P III 500, 256 mb ram and Win XP. Other than this I find the program great.

The maps feature is going to be changing… for the better. Some people might be having trouble if IE is not set up to view .PNG files.

If you have IE 5.0 or above, then you should be OK. However, I did speak to one person who was using IE 6.0 and still had trouble. In this case, the problem was due to a setting on the user’s PC… which had nothing to do with Weather Watcher.

Please e-mail me if you know of any reason why IE 6.0 would have trouble displaying .PNG files. I tried looking around on the Internet… no luck though [:(]

I’m also having the same problem however I’m using IE 6.0 and XP Home. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hmmm… I’m on XP Pro, works fine here. However, some of the maps load as quicktime applets…

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I am pretty sure that the .PNG maps are causing problems. For some reason, some version of IE cannot display .PNG files. I have no clue which ones work and which do not. I have IE 6.0.26 and it works OK for me.

I wouldn’t worry about this much though because I plan to add new functionality that will make this a non-issue.

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After the updated version I’ve installed today 5.0.22f and a little looking around I have found that the maps that don’t display are the png. All the maps that are jpg load and look fine. I’m running XP Pro sp 1 with all the updates (as far as I know). As an aside if I right click, choose properties and then cut and past the link from the dialog box I can view the image in IE 6.0.2800.1106 xpsp1.020828-1920 (for what it’s worth). Questions, sugestions let me know.