No wallpaper/icon at bottom near clock acting funky

  1. I have the wallpaper set correctly, but all I get is a black screen. It briefly appears during startup, but no other time.

  2. The icon near the clock does a funny counter instead of the temperature. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc. very slowly, then eventually resets.

paramedic70002, I have some questions/requests:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

2) Which version of Windows are you using?

3) What is the name of the wallpaper you’re using?

4) Do you see the same black image if you switch to a different map?

5) It sounds like you might not be seeing the entire text value in the system tray icon – due to the Windows system tray icon size limitation. Please post a screenshot showing the main Weather Watcher Live window and your system tray icon. If needed, the following link includes the steps for capturing a screenshot:

Working on that…

Actually the wallpaper I was trying was South Central Severe Weather.

Switched to Virginia animated… nothing.

paramedic70002, from looking at your screenshot, I can see you’re using Windows Vista. It’s not possible to display animated images as wallpaper in Windows Vista. Try selecting a map that is not animated.

The text in your tray icon is being cut off. You can resolve that problem by changing the properties in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window. Check the “Never display tenths place” box and reduce the font size (if needed).