No tooltips when slider is slid

If I move the slider at all I no longer get the forecast tooltips. They come back if I return the slider back all the way to the left.

Here’s a fix:

Thanks, that fixed the original problem; however it seems to have introduced another. Now every time WW starts up it says it has to update the skin files; previously it only did this after installing a new version.

I only made a change to the JavaScript used in the skin, so I doubt that change caused that problem.

It sounds like Weather Watcher Live does not have access to copy the skin files to your Windows profile. Did you check the Weather Watcher Live .log file to see if it recorded any errors?

Well, I hear you, and in the log I see multiples of

09/08/2008 08:31:18: Error 70: Permission denied at line 980 (modMain.Main) (0.0.62)
09/08/2008 08:31:18: Error 70: Permission denied at line 1000 (modMain.Main) (0.0.62)

… but I swear this didn’t happen before I installed that latest update.

Try the suggestion from the following post:

If you’re not using Windows Vista, then try running Weather Watcher Live as an adminstrator.

Also, here is a related thread:

Well, I was able to make the problem go away by running WW as administrator once, which I guess got the skin files updated. It’s odd that it should have trouble though; the profile files are mine - I verified that I am the owner and have full access to %APPDATA%\Weather Watcher Live and everything below it…

Here’s the problem – when you install Weather Watcher Live, the installer creates a folder named “Skins_New” in the Weather Watcher Live program folder. When Weather Watcher Live runs, it checks for the folder on startup. If the folder is found, it attempts to rename the folder to “Skins”. Unfortunately, if Weather Watcher Live does not have full access to its program folder, that folder will never be copied – and you’ll see the copying skins message each time you run Weather Watcher Live.