No severe weather alerts


I’m not seeing (and have never seen) one of the above. I’m based in the UK, so was wondering if these would only work for USA?

I’ve not got any filters (though I have tried filtering in alerts) - and over the last couple of years have definitely seen times when I would expect severe weather alerts to have come up.

Currently on 5.6.14 (I know there’s a new version) - though pretty sure it makes no odds which version I’m on.

Current city is Rushden, UK - [UKXX1389] though have also tried others that I know have current severe weather warning tonight for gales.



Hmmmmmm, could be! :-s This link doesn’t seem to address alerts outside the US.

Can you find a link showing alerts in the UK?

Yeah, the homepage shows in the top right a ‘severe weather warning’ icon/clicklink, but it currently reckons there are none issued by the met office in the uk.

Compare with though and it’s clear we do have current severe warnings in force - I’ve asked why this isn’t showing up on their site, so I’m guessing it’s not just WW :slight_smile:

When (and if!) I get a reply from them on it (I happen to think telling people there are no severe weather warnings is a bit off on a weather site when there are) I’ll update here - no point fixing it with WW if remain oblivious to the met office data!

Cheers for the quick reply!

Well I’ve explored quite a few of your’s cities and I found NONE with any weather alerts. What can I say, you just live in an area with nice weather. :lol:

BTW I live in an area where I’m wearing out the Rain and Cloudy icons. :sad:

In that the alert link’s data is “issued by the Met Office” I suspect there is a technical interface problem someplace.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the site’s not picking up the metoffice alerts at all - we currently have galeforce winds in parts of the UK (and it’s pretty windy here in Rushden, but not yet galeforce) that it should be picking up (glasgow in scotland will be right in the thick of it).

I’ll wait to see what say - unless (I don’t know how you grab the alerts) you could do it from the met office website direct? They don’t do alerts by city though, but by region of the UK. only has alerts for US cities.

Then what purpose does the ‘severe weather warning’ link velvetpurrs references perform? :-s

I don’t know… I was talking about That is where Weather Watcher gets the weather data.

Obviously with an international client base you need to be more specific. However I thought WW used

So WW doesn’t automatically connect to the client’s local ISP. Could it? If not automatically could it be an option the client can select?

Does each country have it’s own version of www for US, UK for Great Britan, ??? for Brazil, etc. What about xoap, diiferent versions for different regions?

Correct… which uses the data at

I’m not sure what you’re asking/suggesting.

I don’t know about each country, but I have seen numerous countries on their website.


When the xoap data indicates an alert does the weather data include the alert text or a URL to the alert text?

It contains a URL to the full text.

Is there an alert tag that has that URL?

If the data contains a URL is it not possible that TWC could have alerts in the regions outside the US like the UK?


Perhaps, but they get their data from NOAA, as far as I know.

The National Weather Service is the primary source of weather data, forecasts and warnings for the United States. Television weathercasters and private meteorology companies prepare their forecasts using this information. The NWS is the sole United States official voice for issuing warnings during life-threatening weather situations.

I don’t read that as meaning other services aren’t used for areas not the United States.

You may read their quote in whichever way makes you the happiest. However, at the end of the day, NOAA is still only providing severe weather data for locations within the US.

:iconbiggrin: I’m not disagreeing with that. The question is who is providing severe weather data to locations outside the US and does TWC use them for locations outside the US. The final question is if TWC uses these other weather services does WW support this? :icon_smile:

I don’t know of any source that collects worldwide severe weather data. However, I would guess that you could find certain countries that offer severe weather data.

It was my understanding that TWC only has severe weather alerts available for locations within the US.

Weather Watcher will only support it if TWC adds that data to their weather feed. I wouldn’t hold your breath :wink:

And we are back to “what purpose does the ‘severe weather warning’ link velvetpurrs references perform?” It’s on a TWC UK webpage and points to a TWC UK webpage that displays alert data. If the TWC xoap data supports weather data for locations outside the US it is possible the xoap data supports alert URLs for those locations that is not from the NWS NOAA.

We need to find a UK location that has a weather alert forecasted. :wink:

This is the part where I remind you again that the TWC data feed uses… not :razz: