No hourly/daily data displaying after last night

No hourly/daily data displaying after last night:
WWL version: 7.2.35
Weather Station:

Try restarting Weather Watcher now. All should be okay then.

Yes, after restart is okay, thanks Mike.

I have been experiencing the same problem. I have tried restarting with same results. This includes switching to another active station. I suspect this may be because weather watcher live is having problems retreiving data from the weather bug server. Is there any way to confirm that this is the problem?

greg, are you running the latest version of Weather Watcher? Right-click the Weather Watcher system tray icon and choose “Check for New Version”.

That was it, apparently I was using an old version. Since the computer that it runs on only operates about a month every year i didn’t realize it was running an old version, funny thing is it was running fine for the last three weeks or so and just stoppped.

WeatherBug & Weather Underground recently made some changes to my weather data feeds. I needed to modify some things in Weather Watcher to account for those changes. So, old versions of Weather Watcher are no longer going to work.

What is the current version number?


Mike, the same happen again today, last night last update, update to 11 pm and no more, today when start my computer wwl show again 11 pm and no more, i try to refresh but no new information for hourly and daily.

And Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

UPDATE: now all information is ok.