No Blizzard Warning

Was this an oversight? No option to pop up Blizzard Warnings in WWL, and all I’ve been getting is the red icon. Winter Storm Warning, yes… Winter Weather Advisory, yes… Winter Storm Watch, yes. Blizzard Warning & Watch, no.

The alerts listed in the “Severe Alerts” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window cover all alert categories (that I know of). Do you see an alert at that Weather Watcher Live is not picking up? If so, let me know which weather station you’re using so I can check it out while the alert is still active.

Well, let me ask you this… Should I be getting a popup tool tip alert when a severe weather alert comes out or is updated? That is what I am not receiving. And – at times the icon is changing from red (alert) back to blue (below 32F) – even though the alerts are still valid (i.e if I right click on the WWL tray icon and choose ‘view severe alerts’, I do see them on the page.

Try the following two stations for ZIP 11949:

Brookhaven Airport (NWS)
Shoreham Wading River HS (WeatherBug)

I added the Brookhaven Airport weather station and saw a message pop up from the system tray alerting me of the blizzard warning. If you’re not at your computer at the time, you could very well miss the popup message. It only appears once. After that point, you’ll have to use the system tray icon color as a visual cue that a new severe alert has been issued.

If you never see the popups, then you’ll want to check the following:

1) Make sure you have the most recent version of Weather Watcher Live installed. If needed, you can download an update from my homepage at

2) Make sure the “Display tray balloon when new severe alert is retrieved” box is checked in the “Tray Icon” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

3) Choose the alert types to be notified of in the “Severe Alerts” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window. The blizzard warning is part of the “Winter Storm Warning” type, so you’ll want to make sure that type is checked. Since you’re system tray icon changed to red, it seems you already have that type checked.

I think that was the problem… That option wasn’t checked on my install… So that should display the tray balloon when a warning is updated as well, right?

Each severe alert has a unique id. When a new id is found, that triggers the alert to appear in the tray balloon. I believe NWS issues new alerts when their original alerts are changed.