No allerts and update interval in realtime very long

My location is Kiev, Ukraine (Zhulyany - weather station).

I observe that no any alerts coming when I choose this station, and interval of update in realtime is from 30 min to 1 Hour!

For check reasons, I choose another station (Washington D.C., Howard Univ.) and alerts is arriving normally and update in realtime every few minutes. Everything is Ok!

So what is the problem?

b.t.w. Using lifetime license. :albino:

The severe alerts comes from NWS. They only provide alerts for weather stations within the US.

so, it is impossible to ask our local weather administartions to provide any allerts?

and how WWL receive weather data from the non-US stations? Is that some protocol?

I’m not sure what the best way is to get a hold of international severe alert information.

International weather data is easier to obtain. Most of the well known weather companies in the US have access to international weather stations.