New vrs Old WW

I have used WW Free for about 6 yrs & =D> love it, & am still using it as it still works. I would like 2 try the WW Live, so do I have to uninstall the Free WW B4 installing the Live version :???: or just disable it from running?

Does WW Live have enough maps that cover Canada :-s like the free 1 did?

From reading the forums, it sounds like it could be a bit bloated with too much weather facts, maps & other things or can 1 choose what they do & don’t want like U could with WW Free? :-k

Thanks :thumbright: for any input.


You can run Weather Watcher and Weather Watcher Live at the same time. Weather Watcher Live is free for 30-days, so give it a try and see if you like it before you disable and/or uninstall Weather Watcher. You can download Weather Watcher Live from my homepage:

I never got that impression from reading the forums. The biggest differences are the change in the data source, additional weather data, and a different look to the skin. Give it a try and decide for yourself.