New User - Impressed with a question

Hey all…

I tried WW a year or two ago and at that time, I found a better ap to suit my needs. Recently, a co-worker introduced me to WW again. He said it’s the best desktop weather he has found. I once again took a look, downloaded it, and am very impressed with the changes. Mike you have done an EXCELLENT job! Thanks for you hard work.

About the maps…TWC maps are completely useless to me. I deleted each and every one of them. I have added all new maps, mostly tropical. Is there a certain file that I can copy and save so I will not lose all the map changes I have made in case of a computer crash, or so I can have all the same maps on another pc. It would be much easier than having to manually install them all again.

Thanks for you help.

Hi skysummit,

Looks like the answer to fit you is already posted - take a look at post 3 & 4 here: … IC_ID=1107

Hope it’s help enough :wink:

skysummit, I’m glad you decided to give Weather Watcher another try. The above link should answer your question [:)]

I guess I didn’t look hard enough…or was just too eager. Thanks!