New problem recently started

It has to do with the tray icon and the tooltip. The icon is fine and shows the temp as always. When I hover on it, up pops the tooltip icon with all the items I have chosen to show. However, the problem is it is now just an ugly dark black area where originally it had clouds and blue sky in the background. Can I get it back? I changed no options and it seems to have started doing this on it’s own.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m now seeing. Kind of drab compared to the clouds and blue sky that it used to show. It seems to have started since the last updated program was installed. Up till then and ever since I can remember it was never showed like this.

The latest version has a different skin for night and day. Your screenshot is showing the nighttime background color. If you view the tooltip during the day, it should show the clouds.

Guess I preferred the older version much better. Also don’t care for the “now and an hour later” image that appears. Those weren’t there before either. I’ve been looking but can’t find how to turn that part off? Just a little too busy for me.

I’ve been doing some playing and even tried the standard windows tooltip but that hardly stays on long enough to read it. The light blue sky and white cloud feature is the best. On it the font is large and vivid for my tired old eyes. Plus it stays on until the mouse is moved. I guess the big problem for me is the extra 1 hour increment image and temps. Not at all accurate and very confusing. For example it is 55 right now, and according to the next hour the temp will be 69 in 15 minutes. The temps showing by those hourly images are what was projected not what is actual. It’s after 11 here now and the temp is still really 55. It also shows 74 at noon. No way will it even come close. So, in the end those hourly images and projected temps in the tooltip are kind of worthless. The current one is ok, but not the extra hours.

Hate to keep on this but here is what is making things confusing to me. Another screen shot and notice all the items that I’ve been mentioning. The temps and times don’t jive at all. Notice the actual time here and the times on the icons? But to make things a little better, I’m wondering if there was some kind of weather update problem that was the culprit? All of a sudden the times and temps are much better. My actual temp just jumped from 55 to 70 with the latest update. But from my screenshot you can see where I was thrown off. Thanks for listening.

I’m going to create a new tooltip skin that’ll allow you to display the old tooltip with the clouds. I’ll get back to you.

I see you’re using an aiport weather station. Airports do not update their current conditions in realtime, not do most update often. I’d suggest you try another weather station in your area.

Thanks Mike, took your advice and tried another station that is a little closer to me. Just hope it’s a reliable one?

Since the hourly and daily forecasts are shared by all weather stations in the area, the only difference is the current conditions. That being the case, airports have the unreliable current conditions. I still make them available in Weather Watcher Live though because I know some people prefer to use airports.

Below is a new Weather Watcher Live update. You can install it over top of your existing version of Weather Watcher Live.

After installed, do the following:

1) Select Clouds from the Tray Tooltip Skin dropdown in the Skins section of the Weather Watcher Live Options. This skin will always show the familiar clouds background.

  1. In the Tray Icon --> Tooltip section of the Weather Watcher Live Options, scroll to the bottom of the Items to Show in Tray Tooltip list, and select Upcoming Daily Forecast Icons or Upcoming Hourly Forecast Icons. If neither are selected, no icons will be displayed in the toolip.

Thanks so much Mike, it worked exactly as you laid it out for me. I really like the ability to get away from those hourly predictions. The daily ones are kind of nice to have at a quick glance. One quick question though, will this change be incorporated into your next update or will I have to redo this fix again in the future? Thanks again for the great support you provide!

These changes will be included in the next public release.