New downloaded skins not shown in options

I download the new skins (with the .wws). The installer runs successfully, but the new skin is not shown in the options. I tried it with the .zip extracted into the forecasts folder and still can’t see how to use it since it fails to show in the options. Help please.

Location of WW Skins folders

1st thing to try is recycling WW. If that doesn’t work the next thing is finding where the .wws file’s skins got installed. The new version of WW moved skins and files around, check out this posting for where to look for them: … 96&start=9

O.K. All the new .wws files went into Documents and Settings\windows_user_id\Application Data\WeatherWatcher\Skins. Now how do I get to use them in Weather Watcher?

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?


They are supposed to be in Users\User name\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcher\Skins, just move them to this folder.

In Vista yes but not in XP.

I’m using XP. Where should they be for me?

unrealguy69, for most people, the location you posted is the correct location.

In the “General” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window, is the “Store user files in the Weather Watcher program folder…” box checked or unchecked?

It’s checked.

Wait a minute. I don’t think it was checked before when I first posted my problem. Since then I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Weather Watcher. I checked it after the new installation. After reinstalling, I tried one time to get new skins but they still didn’t show up in the program file so I gave up.

Then copy the skins from the Documents and Settings[i]windows_user_id[/i]\Application Data\WeatherWatcher\Skins folder to the Program Files\Weather Watcher\Users[i]windows_user_id[/i]\Skins folder.

Did you check that option after you installed the downloaded skins? WW will automatically distribute only the skins in the Program Files\Weather Watcher\Users[i]windows_user_id[/i]\Skins folder to new locations but skins added to the new and alternate locations will not be moved automatically when the options change.

This may help users find the locations of most of their WW skins.

Skins.cmd[code]@title Weather Watcher Skins locations
@echo off

rem To find the forecast folder in use add “\current.html /s” to the end of the Forecasts dir commands
rem then review the file’s creation dates.

:: (the line below has a [TAB] and two [SPACE] following delims=)
for /f "tokens=3* delims= " %%i in (‘reg query
“HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Weather Watcher_is1” /v InstallLocation’)
do (
set WWInstall=%%~si)
if “%WWInstall%”==“C:\PROGRA~1\WEATHE~1” (
set WWInstall=%ProgramFiles%\Weather Watcher)

if exist “%WWInstall%”\Skins*. (
dir “%WWInstall%”\Skins\Forecasts
dir “%WWInstall%”\Skins\Interface

if exist “%WWInstall%”\Users\Default\Skins*. (
dir “%WWInstall%”\Users\Default\Skins\Forecasts
dir “%WWInstall%”\Users\Default\Skins\Interface
if exist “%WWInstall%”\Users%userName%\Skins*. (
dir “%WWInstall%”\Users%UserName%\Skins\Forecasts
dir “%WWInstall%”\Users%UserName%\Skins\Interface
if exist “%UserProfile%\Application Data”\WeatherWatcher\Skins*. (
dir “%UserProfile%\Application Data”\WeatherWatcher\Skins\Forecasts
dir “%UserProfile%\Application Data”\WeatherWatcher\Skins\Interface
if exist “%UserProfile%”\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcher\Skins*. (
dir “%UserProfile%”\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcher\Skins\Forecasts
dir “%UserProfile%”\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcher\Skins\Interface

pause > nul[/code]

Unfortunately it doesn’t handle multiple user profile systems, only the skins for the user who is signed on.

I believe there may be a way to also denote which folder WW is set to use but that will require a little digging on my part.


There is no Registry entry pointing to the active Skins folder.

Thank you very much EdP. I copied as you directed and new skins are now available in options.

:thumbright: Happy to hear you were successful. :icon_smile: