Nearest Weather Station

Using station 79453. I’ll get a pop up stating the station can not receive info at this time so I will be receiving info from the nearest weather station. This has been happening for the last 3 or so updates. The station they choose is about 150 miles away and not even close to our weather conditions. Going to WB’s website, I can pull up info for my exact station. Why would there be issues receiving the correct info using WWL vs the WB’s site? This happens frequently. I’m still having the same issue, clicking on the map link in WWL and it taking me to another city on WB’s site. WB has not contacted me on the issue.

I have a few questions for you:

1) What is the name of the weather station you originally selected?

2) What is the name of the weather station that is 150 miles away?

The original was Lubbock International Airport (79453). WWL was picking up Hobbs New Mexico (88240) from what was shown as Hobbs Freshman HS. Now on WWL it is picking up info from Plainview, TX 79072 (Hale County Airport). Hopefully this is the info you were asking for. It seems to get confused on what station I am actually looking for or where to gather data from.

Ok, so now it is back to Hobbs, New Mexico again. It’s really confused now. I’ll just stand by and see if it finally makes it’s way back home.

WeatherBug told me the government data center has been up and down all day today. They collect the data from NWS weather stations, so all weather stations around your location were affected by this issue. While the New Mexico weather stations aren’t very close to your location, they were the next available weather stations.

I’m sure the government is working hard to resolve this issue. Once it has been resolved, you should see the Lubbock International Airport weather station come back online again.

Thanks Mike. I did notice after my last post it was jumping around from city to city. Info with the correct station seems to be working correctly now.

Mine has been doing the same thing for a week now, the site it picks is close but not live, the local tv station where I am trying to get live readings say they are not having a problem.

tdheiland, which weather station are you trying to use?

KOTA-TV Rapid City SD 57701

tdheiland, are you sure they have a WeatherBug weather station?

They did last week, I have always got the signal from KOTA, been using a version of this weather program for years.

tdheiland, below is a link to the only weather data I found on their website. It looks like they are using data from NWS. I searched Google and was unable to find anything about KOTA owning a WeatherBug station.

You could try contacting WeatherBug’s support. They could certainly check if there is a station in that location.

The person I talked to must not have understood what I was talking about, they used to advertise weatherbug and the fact they used it all over the region. Guess that has all changed in the last week or so, I was still getting my signal from KOTA last week. I guess we don’t deserve live weather anymore.

tdheiland, it looks like KOTA might have been displaying data from surrounding WeatherBug stations, rather than their own station.