1. Version of Weather Watcher Live - (BETA)
  2. Detailed description of the bug - NA appears as temp in tool tray for Ventnor,NJ (Ventnor Educational Community Complex)

Details are fine when mouse rolls over the NA but the NA is annoying in the tool tray!


I’m seeing the temp in my system tray in the following Weather Watcher Live build:

Running 7.0.77 I am getting NA in the tool tray on a regular (constant?) basis yet if I go to the Weather Watcher main screen the “thermometer” is showing the correct temp. And yes the weather station I’m using updates fairly regular (Golden Valley, AZ (MesoWest SANTA CLAUS). I have read through the search the articles on NA and none seem to apply?

I was unable to find that weather station when searching for “Golden Valley, AZ” in Weather Watcher Live. I also did not see it at and

I was able to find a cached Google page with that weather station (scroll down to the station list at the bottom):,+AZ+MesoWest+SANTA+CLAUS+weather+station&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&

It appears that it’s not currently transmitting data.

Do you know when it will transmit again?

johnti, it would be best to direct that question to the owner of that weather station. I’m not sure who owns it though.


I really don’t want to belabor this. When I have the big Weather Watcher Live screen up it clearly shows (Golden Valley, AZ (MesoWest SANTA CLAUS) as the source & a small icon on it that resembles Weather Underground’s logo.

I have the internal settings “Stations”, then “Weather Stations” active set to “(Golden Valley, AZ (MesoWest SANTA CLAUS)”. I can click on the NA and choose update or now

Mike, I owe you an apology ----- I hadn’t clicked auto detect proxy settings for this network. It must not have made any difference w/ prior versions?


theon1, I haven’t made any changes to that feature lately. It’s good to hear that resolved your issue though.