"N/A" Severe Alerts

Sometimes I get tooltip balloons that say “N/A” when there is a new alert.


I’ve seen that also but updating the WW corrects it. Is that your experience also?

I upgraded to the new beta release and it is still doing it.
Do you know what causes this error?


It could be due to bad data. I just retrieved the weather for a few cities that currently have alerts, and all of the alerts came through okay.

If you find a city that is displaying “N/A”, then please post the city name here so I can check it out.

Try Suffolk, VA.

The balloon says N/A It should be a flood warning.

Yup. The alert doesn’t have the text summary begining and ending with the three dots, …

Replacing the popup’s N/A with a statement to view the WW’s Interface’s alert button is the best you can do.

This release should do the trick:
http://www.singerscreations.com/Forum/v … =7372#7372