My town listed in location, but weather from another local


Firstly, really nice graphic update! The interface looks great!

After doing a search for my location ‘Gisborne’ in New Zealand, it comes up with the correct name in the ‘Choose Location’ dialog. I choose it, but are then given a list of four station names which are nowhere near Gisborne. So, I went to ‘Weather Bug’ and typed in my location. It finds it, gives me the ‘Your local weather’ page, with Gisborne written under those words, but then shows me the weather for ‘Wellington International Airport’. Again, nowhere near Gisborne.

In the old version I had no problems finding my exact weather location which is ‘Gisborne Aerodrome, New Zealand’.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


When selecting your city, Weather Watcher Live will show you the weather stations that are closest to the selected city. Weather Watcher Live uses a different weather data source than Weather Watcher, so the same list of cities/stations will not be available.

Thanks Mike. Looks like I’ll have to go back to the older version. Keep up the good work.



Darn, I came here for the same reason. I wish I had known this before downloading WWL. First time I have ever been disappointed in WW.

Now I have to uninstall and reinstall again. Arrgggg!

It might be helpful if you would put a note that there are limited weather stations available on the download page.

dogbows, I’m not sure it would be accurate to say there are “limited” weather stations available. In my area, there are about 8 additional weather stations available.

The Weather Watcher Live download page does include the source of the weather, as does the Weather Watcher download page. I’m not really sure how I could make that more clear.

The Weather Watcher Live installer does not uninstall Weather Watcher. If you did not manually uninstall Weather Watcher, then you should still have it installed.

Obviously a poor choice of words on my part. I suppose there may be more weather stations available for my area as well. The point is that none of those weather stations are relevant to my area. I cannot pick my locality. I can only pick the closest weather station. I don’t care about the closest weather station. I only care about my locality. I wasted time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong when I entered my locality in the search, but my locality didn’t come up in the list. There was never irrelevant choices before. I entered my locality and got my locality.

I would have never even downloaded WWL in the first place except that when I clicked on the link to download version 5.6.27 of WW it took me to the WWL download page instead of the download page for version 5.6.27 that the update said was available. I had to search out the proper download page for version 5.6.27.

However it is all irrelevant at this point. Although I have used WW for several years, I only realized today that the weather was retrieved from The Weather Channel instead of The National Weather Service. I just assumed the weather was retrieved from NWS. I’ve recently found myself going to more and more to get my weather info because WW so often displayed inaccurate info. The Weather Channel is off 4 to 6 degrees most days. So now I know why WW was inaccurate so often.

In addition, there is the factor that you can easily have both installed at the same time, so in effect uninstalling WW to install WWL was pointless…

Of course you’d have to limit which one was actually running, or else limit some of the options on one (or both, depending upon how you wanted to take care of it) so that they did not try to perform overlapping functions (changing local wallpaper, and exporting data to the same location are the two main ones I can think of) but other than that they work fine together. Up until I built this new machine I had both running side by side so I could quickly and easily see if something was ‘broken’ in the WWL beta that worked in the WW latest build…

I have a same problem, it gives me the nearest station that is over 70 km away from current position. But if I go to weatherbug page and I choose my city (Celje, Slovenia, Europe), it shows me the results. But the program does not. … code=z6169

Oh, and there’s another problem. I changed those fahrenheits into celsius and in a program window it’s not changed, the tray icon is changed.


The WeatherBug website is using the same weather station that Weather Watcher Live is displaying when you search for Celje. Check out the red circled weather station in the screenshot below.

Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using? Did you try manually updating the weather after switching to Celcius?

Sorry…I must have missed that info about the station.
About that celsius thing. Whatever I do, those fahrenheits won’t change into celsius. Tried everything that I could have thought of.

Including uninstalling and then reinstalling?

Duuh…of course…sorry…that was the first thing I did.

marhyo, try the following Weather Watcher Live update: