My system icon read NA.

I’m living in Hong Kong and when I search for station, I was offer three stations to pick, namely, Hong Kong International Air Port; Shenzhen, China and Macao, Macao. None of the above station return and any data. However, I can display whether for North America and Europe

Please Help

Here are the results I see in Weather Watcher 7.2.47:

Which version of Weather Watcher are you using?

I’m also using Weather Watcher 7.2.47.

Should I uninstall the program and reinstall it again? FYI, My system is Windows 8.1 pro


PS. I had capture the search station screen to show you but the Attach Image button doesn’t work for me here

Yes, try reinstalling. You can download a new installer from

Still no luck by reinstall again over the existing one and/or completely uninstall the program.
The search result is the same and therefore the tray icon still indicate NA

Any thought?

Please email a screenshot of your search results to me at