My findings on V5.3 - WIN98SE

I made a clean install of Version 5.3 this morning and found the following on my system:

1.) Wallpaper is not showing up. Selecting a map and exiting; nothing happens. Restarting the programme, - no map/wallpaper. Am I doing something wrong?

2.) To give it a try I added 4 cities, “D?sseldorf”, “Shanghai”, “Hongkong” and “Cape Town”.

Starting with the selected city, full details already appear on the data sheet for the town, but still window opens, “downloading weather data”, “processing weather data”, - hanging after 2/3 of the batten!!

3.) With right mouse click selecting new town. Sometimes context menu opens, sometimes not, particularly not when “processing weather data” hanging!

Exiting programme and restating. If it now works and I selected a new town, this new town doesn’t show up, but again the programme tries to download new weather. (Don’t know whether still for old selected town or new one.)

Have to exit the programme by “strg”, “alt”, “dlt”.

On next start, the new selected town finally comes up, again with full details of the weather but again … window opens … "downloading … - hanging !!

Very frustrating …

Any opinion - does someone else have th same problems?

Many thanks for replies.


What version of Windows do you have? I’m using XP and I have not seen any of those problems with version 5.3.

I have had the exact same problems. Also, have never been able to get detailed forecast. Have installed the program on two computers at two different locations, both running W98SE. Both access internet through DSL connection. Running ZoneAlarm but have given the ok for program to access internet. Seems to get the data sometimes but hangs when “processing data”.

Reading some other posts, it appears W98SE is the problem. Too bad. I really like Weather Watcher conceptually; haven’t been able to experience all its functionality. Will have to stick with the WeatherMatrix desktop for now. Will check back periodically to see if problems somehow resolved.

Realize that you may have optimized Weather Watcher for Windows XP but W98, and even W95, still represent a significant installed base. ( … c_nf/22859) Survey shows XP is only 6.6%.

Nuff said.