Multiple Instances of DL.EXE in task manager

I am finding that sometimes ww has trouble downloading the weather update and seems to hang on “parsing weather data”. When this happens it doesn’t kill the current dl.exe task and keeps starting new instances of dl.exe as per the forecast update frequency. This continues until it successfully updates the forecast or (ususally) I kill all instances of dl.exe and restart ww. The worst one, I had to kill 200 instances of dl.exe.

I am running 5.6.8 and have had the problem for a number previous versions.

Thanks in advance for the help!


200!! Wow!

What are you using for an update frequency?? Anything less than 30 mins is a waste, doesn’t update it’s data that often. Changing your update frequency may not resolve this problem but it should certainly prevent you from having 200 DLs running. O:)

I use 5 mins… I know the data is only updated once per hour but I want to get the new info soon after it is released. Either way, the install on my other computer doesn’t show this symptom so something is happening on this one. I use to have it set to 1min update but thought that may be to excessive.