mulitcolored thermometer?

I think I saw a posting showing a WW screenshot with a multicolored thermometer on the left side. How do I get my display to look like that? The thermometer is the one on the left side of the “current” screen that is adjustable to red or blue or red for T>freezing+blue for T<freezing in the Splendid skin. I’d like it to progress through all the colors from blue to red as temperatures increase upward. I’m sure I saw a screenshot of this, so how can I make mine look like that?

The multi-color thermometer is a part of a couple of different skins including one of mine. You just need to download the skins, as WWS files, and dbl click on the .wws file’s name and wait a few seconds for the install to finish. Then open WW’s Options and select the new Forecast skin.