Moving tray icon

Is there a way to move the WW icon in the system tray? I like it next to the clock. Time and temperature belong next to each other. As new software has been loaded the WW icon has been displaced to the left and I can’t figure out if there’s a way to move it back next to the clock.

I love the program and have had no problems. This is just a cosmetic thing. Thanks.

Mark Nikas

I couldn’t figure out a way to do this in Visual Basic. If anyone knows of a way, please contact me. Thanks!

there would be no constructive way to do this because what if you have a tall taskbar with 2 or more lines how do you tell the icon which line to use. also the icons appear in this fashion - the registry’s startup folder stuff gets run first so whichever program loads the fastest is put in first. then the startup from your start menu is processed second and again whichever program happens to load first is closest to the clock. thats why there is an occasional time where the icon list will slighter differ. fragmentation on the hard drive effects this load time and order as well. also weather watcher is placed in the run folder in hkey_current_user and im not sure if this is loaded first or if hkey_locak_machine run folder is loaded first. I will do some tests to see if it matters and leave a post here monday dec 1. as you can see making ww first in the icon list would not be an easy task.

Now if you interested there are programs out there such as PS Tray Factory that lets you move around your tray icons for you for a cost of course. there addy is . if you want to look at it go ahead it does have a 20 day trial. even mike might want to look at it and see if he can make his own stripped down version lol.


well I moved where the ww.exe is loaded in hkey_current_user to hkey_loca_machine run folder the to start menu startup and there was no difference in the load pattern. All my programs loaded up the same way all 6 reboots. its possible it could be loaded first if it was called in as an svchost program meaning it could not be shut down from task manager. So it seems to me its either use one the programs which my initial test of PS Tray says it works on moving them around however the program took 8 megs of my ram tp constantly do this which to me is a waste.