Moon Phase Incorrect

Don’t often look at the moon phase, so not sure how long this has been an issue, but it happened to catch my eye that the moon phase is currently (12-13-2010) showing “Waning Crescent” when it is actually a Waxing Crescent. This incorrect moon phase shows the same from both a Weatherbug and NWS reporting station. Using version 7.0.37.

I’m assuming you are using a Tucson, AZ weather station. For good measure, I checked a WeatherBug, Weather Underground and NWS weather station. All were showing waxing.

Can you attach a screenshot?

Sorry for delayed response. Just back from trip. Correct assumption on the Tucson weather station. Tried both WeatherBug and NWS stations. Screenshot attached.

[Is there a way to put an image directly in the body of the message?]

I’ve been checking this weather station on and off for the past couple of days – haven’t seen an incorrect moon phase yet. How often is the moon phase incorrect for you?

Constantly. Basically it’s stuck on “waning crescent”. Currently, it should show “Waxing Gibbous.” I also have WWL on a second PC, and it’s showing the identical information. The two PCs are essentially clones of each other running Win 7 64-bit PRO and WWL 7.0.37.

Please export your Weather Watcher Live registry settings and email them to me at Here are the steps to export the registry settings:

1) Click the Windows Start button, choose “Run…”, and enter “regedit” in the run window.

2) Navigate to the following registry key in the left menu:

[b]HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher Live[/b]

3) Right-click on the “Weather Watcher Live” key, choose “Export”, enter a file name, and click the “Save” button.