moon icons!!!!

XML data for includes this:

  <t>Waning Crescent</t>

Where is getting icon “27”? And can it be included into WW’s Current Conditions page?

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I poked around some, but I was not able to find them. I guess the best thing to do would be to find someone who is using them now.

I poked around some, but I was not able to find them.
Me too and me either. [:(]

However I did find that the moon’s phases can be computed, and even created, based on date using javascript!

Moon Phases

Could prove to be an interesting add to WW. [8D]

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EdP, your link doesn’t work.

[:0]!! No it doesn’t does it.

The link is coded properly, I just checked it in Edit mode. Your forum sw is dropping the “javascript” portion of “” . It will be interesting to see if it does it this way also.

Ok, the above works.

So, we have 3 ways to express a link;

plain HTTP: … hases.html
URL,linkto,/URL tagged: “
URL=“linkto”,desc,/URL tagged: desc

So, there appears to be a bug in the Forum’s URL tag processing.

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Yeah, weird. It seems to work if you just type the link as plain text… without clicking the “Insert Hyperlink” button.

I wonder if that script is accurate… and if your location matters?

It does work, though with the missing IF brackets I don’t know how, and it appears to accurate. There are several other sites I came across that use formulas to compute the phases also.

I don’t think location matters based on this link I visited yesterday. … urceID=370

Oops!! Wrong URL. Sorry. The updated one above is what I had originally intended. [:I]

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You can use this link to check the various moon phases for 2005.

Phases of the Moon

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OK, I have found a better link for checking moon phases:

It covers a much larger period of time. [:)]

In playing with the moon-phases javascript, that I posted previously, I have found that it is not as accurate as I originally hoped. However, I also found the error in it’s variables causing the inaccuracy. It uses a date for the last blue moon of Feb 1996. That is incorrect for today. The last blue moon date for us is July 2004. And the next one is in 2007. Apparently the formula used by the script to compute the phases is an old one. [:)]

So, to use the Javascript, change the line that sets the value of blueMoonDate to be:

var blueMoonDate = new Date(2004, 6, 31, 18, 05, 0);

And in two years change it to be:

var blueMoonDate = new Date(2007, 5, 30, 13, 49, 0);

You can also drop the word “approximately” from it’s description of when the next Full Moon will occur. [8D]

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And a better link for the Moon_Phases script posted earlier, the website of it’s author;

BTW The version of the script found above is more accurate displaying the time of the next Full Moon than the one at the original link.

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