Missing map site causes many tmp files...

WW ver 5.6.12
Recently I had my desktop fill up with odd files (and my computer was bogging down) they were named 1.tmp thru ffff.tmp Running file analyser on them showed them to be html pages. they were 2k each in size and were 404 message pages. This was apparently caused by intellicast moving a map page I had added to my list last year. I deleted the map from my list and deleted all the files and it seems to have stopped now. However my computer still has been bogging, norton taking forever and fragmented. Well, while trying to sort things out I found that the tmp files had also ended up in the weather watcher directory (1.tmp-FFFF.tmp) also in Documents and Settings/My name/ directory (1.tmp-FFFF.tmp) and another set in Documents and Settings/My name/Local Settings/Temp/ directory (1.tmp-FFFF.tmp). In total over 200,000 files had been created. This was a serious pain to clear up. I had to delete them a few thousand at a time or my computer would crash. I did not have maps used for wallpaper or anything else unusual turned on. Autoupdate was set to 1 minute. I normally don’t turn off my computer so it was running continuously.
Anyway if there’s a fix for this please let us know. There may be a bunch of people out there with a gazillion tmp files filling up their computers without knowing it.

Thanks Much! PQ

DELTMPS.CMD@echo off del c:\*.tmp /s
You can also run the command directly from the Start>Run window;

del c:*.tmp /s

In that weather.com only updates it’s forecasts about once an hour having WW update every minute is a waste.

And FWIW I don’t have those files anywhere that I can find on any of my C: drives so I can’t confirm that WW is creating them for you.

fiveqs, the odd thing is that Weather Watcher does not create files with a TMP extension. Perhaps Windows created them? TMP is a common Windows file extension.

Okay, I’ve done a bit of experimenting.

  1. First I tried a bogus Intellicast addy and it gave me a pure 404 error page, map display didn’t show anything Wallpaper didn’t change. No extra files.
  2. Tried a picture on my drive, map showed the picture ok, wallpaper changed to the picture. No extra files.
  3. I moved the picture file so WW wouldn’t be able to find it. Wallpaper stopped changing. No extra files.
  4. Changed wallpaper back to normal (a picture setup in desktop prefs) I found the original addy that had gone bad and used that in the map list. Map displays blank page. With Walpaper update on and set to 1 min. Desktop doesn’t change, Files immediately started showing up in the
    Documents and Settings/My name/Local Settings/Temp/ directory. Started with 552.tmp and generates one per minute.
    The addy in question was;
    http://www.intellicast.com/Local/USLoca … e&pid=none
    I’m posting the file contents in a separate post (it’s not real big).

It appears that this page is trying to load an ad using javascript, maybe that’s the cause. Anyway, here’s the file contents;

This page has been moved!

This page is no longer available on Intellicast

The new address for this page is: [http://www.intellicast.com/IcastPage/Lo ... e&pid=none](http://www.intellicast.com/IcastPage/LoadPage.aspx?seg=LocalWeather&loc=kord&prodgrp=RadarImagery&product=RadarLoop&prodnav=none&pid=none)

lease adjust your bookmarks or favorites to access the URL above.

I have no problem loading the link within the code or the page that invokes the code. Both show ads but no pop-ups or pop-unders and neither is blank. Are you running any software that blocks ads? :wink:

Had AdBlocker running but that wasn’t it. Also tried enabling xml functions that wasn’t it either. Ad loaded fine, but still tmp files.
However! ‘Archive wallpaper image when updated’ was enabled. That’s what was generating the tmp files. Apparently the old one isn’t removed when a new one is created, which, after running for weeks once a minute fills things up. After turning it off, no more tmp files and the wallpaper also started updating.
Just have to make sure this is never enabled. Maybe a function to clear out the last saved image? Or remove the archive function. Is it needed? Maybe a note in the help file, or options or somewhere.
Well, after all is said and done, I’m not sure this is a bug or maybe this is how it’s supposed to behave when set up like this.

Interesting. :icon_smile:

[size=2]If the wallpaper was archieving images every 30 mins rather than every minute the volume of files would have been only 1/30th of what you were getting. :razz:[/size]

Even so, archieving a file with a xxxx.tmp name and in multiple locations doesn’t seem right. A naming convention of something like WWwpddmmyyhhmm.bmp would seen more appropiate.

Personally I don’t see why someone would want to archieve a bunch of old weather wallpapers for any reason. :-s Weather.com shows the weather for the past week if someone is interested. [size=3]http://www.weather.com/outlook/homeandgarden/schoolday/pastweather/USNY1645?stn=2&when=-1[/size]

Windows is creating those temp files.