Map Zoom Level doesn't work

WWL 7.1.97 (but this issue has been present since the “Map Zoom Level” feature was added)
Windows 8 Pro x64

I have seen this thread. I’m in the US, as Mike knows all too well. I’ve confirmed that the “Map Zoom Level” setting does not change anything on my system, at least with any map images I’ve tried. What I’ve done:

  1. Set my “Map Image Link” to: … /iseec.jpg

  2. Set “Map Zoom Level” to 1.

  3. Closed and reopened the main window, then clicked Refresh on it.

  4. Captured screen shots of the map as shown in the main window, and of the zoomed map image (i.e. after clicking on the map image).

  5. Set “Map Zoom Level” to 5.

  6. Repeated steps 3 and 4.

  7. Compared the relevant screen shots. The map appears absolutely the same whether “Map Zoom Level” is set to 1 or 5.

After you set the Map Zoom Level do a refresh and it should change it. saw this at first and thought it was not working too.

So, you’re saying that a refresh would do it, but closing/reopening the main window, then doing a refresh would not?

It truly is not working for me.

I’ve created and uploaded a video of this issue being reproduced. If I’m missing something, for example a 1-pixel change in map size, someone please point it out.

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

NB: I use an ad blocker, and did not encounter any annoyances on the hosting sites linked to above. If you do, I’m sorry, but it was inadvertent.

whatever, the map zoom level setting only works when using the default WeatherBug/Weather Underground map. That works because both providers offer their map images zoomed in at different levels.

When you enter a link to a specific map image, that is the image that will be displayed. I’ll have to modify the settings to disable that setting when a custom URL is entered.

And, as parkd1 pointed out, the map image does not update until the weather is refreshed again.

This isn’t intuitively obvious. I thought WWL was simply enlarging and cropping (i.e. “zooming”) map images, which is not a far-fetched thought.

I was refreshing the weather, and additionally closing/reopening the main window for good measure.

Thank you, Mike.

Right. That’s why I’m suggesting the setting be disabled when the zoom is not applicable. While Weather Watcher Live could faux crop the image like that, I don’t think it would be useful to do so.

If you delete your “Map Image Link”, you’ll see the refreshing does in fact work.

I think it could be useful. The map I happen to be using, for example, is 640 x 480, but it is shrunk to roughly half that size by WWL (i.e. enlarging it will not reduce the quality), and it shows more geographical area than I really need to see (i.e. cropping it somewhat will not remove desired information).

Please post a screenshot.

The map is scaled down some so other data can be displayed in the main window. If displayed at its actual size, there wouldn’t be room to show anything else.

If you click the map, the image will be enlarged. For most people, it’ll display at its actual size.

While it would be possible to crop the image as you’ve suggested, it would be nearly impossible to crop it in the right place – which would ideally be cropped with the map centered at your location. I’ll certainly look into this more if it becomes a popular request.