Map scale

The map is useful as it is, but it would be more useful if it were at a smaller scale. That is, when I follow the link to “see this forecast at” and ask for a map, the first map I see is the one that Weather Watcher displays, but the one I really want to see is the one I get after clicking on “zoom in” twice. Would it be possible either to set the default zoom or to provide a “zoom in” button on the Weather Watcher map page? Thanks!

Yes, it would be possible to set the zoom level. I’ll put this on my to-do list.

I just discovered (just after posting the above, naturally :oops: ) that tapping the map cycles among the zoom levels. That meets my needs well enough, although setting the default zoom level would be a nice convenience. Anyway, thanks for a super-useful app!

Rather than zooming on the displayed map, is it possible to change the radar map that the program pulls down? Living in Boston, I would often prefer to display the 100 mile radar rather than the entire northeast. I’m coming to this program from WeatherPanel (I switched from the Tilt to the Fuze), and in WP the user has the ability to define the particular images to display. That would be useful for a future release if possible.

Thanks for the work.

gmfeld, there are no other maps to choose from – only offers one map per location. I think the only obvious fix would be to allow the map URL to be set. I believe that is what you’re suggesting.

I think that’s right Mike. In WeatherPanel the user puts in the url for whatever radar or satellite or traffic images the user wants. I didn’t realize only offers one map per location. I thought you could get a 100 mile radar image from that site, but I guess I was wrong about that.


gmfeld, you can find other maps at, but they aren’t mobile-friendly.

There is some nice imagery at Very usuable if you can zoom and pan… and it’s animated! I can provide you with a series of URLs if you wish (US only).