Map Maximize Stuck ON, b11

b11, 12x10 screen, SP2, IE6 latest.

I made the mistake of maximizing one map, once. Since then, all WW maps pop up fullscreen, and I can’t change that. Although the max|restore button reacts with an icon change, the window stays maxed.
Alt-Sp brings up the master window, but Restore is greyed out.

Other windows, even other IE6 windows react properly before, during and after map display.


It sounds like IE is remembering the last window size. Click the maximize button so that it looks like a square. Then, manually resize the window by clicking and dragging the corner of the window.

It sounds like IE is remembering the last window size

Sure does, doesn’t it. But note that my previous message states that Restore is greyed out in the alt-spacebar menu! And that I can neither move with titlebar nor grab sides/corners.

(Later… I recovered with alt-spacebar, move, then the kb arrow keys. Haven’t had to do that in years. This is pretty vanilla GeForceMX video here (Dell). You doing anything “different” with map windows? I’m not a programmer, but is borderless different from a normal child window somehow?